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    Konica-Minolta INFINIUM-SIGMA

    From 2017

    Number of stars: 16000
    Magnitude limit: 7.0

    History: The light source uses ultrabright, long life LEDs from a Japanese manufacturer, and with its evolved fixed star origin processing technology achieves an increased feeling of realness for fixed stars and the Milky Way. ? Furthermore, the fixed stars that are projected with the 32 divisions can be illuminated and extinguished individually for each division, and bright stars can also be illuminated and extinguished individually, which has stepped up the range displays that are optically possible.? ?Suitable dome diameter: 15 to 30 m (horizontal and tilted)? Realistic reproduction of stars with a specially designed optical system? Star blinking reproduced by using ultrabright LEDs for the light source? Noise elimination measures and external design with a sense of precision?

    List of planetariums using this projector

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