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    GOTO Mars-(M-1)

    From 1959 to 1971
    Number of copies: 26

    Number of stars: 4500

    History: M-1 is the first Japan-made, lens projection type planetarium which was developed for 10m domes. The history of GOTO planetarium started from this M-1 planetarium. 1959: Development of the Model M, a lens type, middle-size, projection planetarium was completed. It was displayed at the Tokyo International Trade Show. The first M-1 was installed in the Asakusa Shin-Sekai(New World) building in Asakusa, Tokyo and the second one was delivered to the Museum of Art, Science and Industry in Bridgeport, Connecticut in USA. GOTO opened up a new market of planetarium projection equipment and services in addition to its previous telescope manufacturing business.

    List of planetariums using this projector

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